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Cookie policy

Last Updated: April 7, 2022


How Green Space use cookies?

In order for this website to function properly, we place cookies on your device. Read on and you will find out what cookies are and for what purposes they are used.

Functional cookies (first-party cookies)

Cookies are necessary for the website to be able to perform its functions and not to forget you every time a new action is performed, such as language settings, the text entered or when opening the site again, it will be able to load the content faster than when you first opened it.

You have the option to change your browser settings so that cookies are not saved or cookies are deleted in the future. We would like to draw attention to the fact that when making such settings the website may not work.

Analytics and advertising cookies (third-party cookies)

The site uses analytics programs – Google Analytics. These programs use cookies, enabling us, as a muggle maintainer, to analyse what content on the site should be used most often, through what search engine the user has come to and how he is able to navigate the site. The information obtained is used for the purpose of making appropriate improvements to the site in order to make navigation easier and more relevant to the user's interests the content of the site.

Cookie-related information is not used to identify you.

These cookies are used exclusively for the purpose specified in the cookie policy.