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Green Space

We have started our journey to sustainability. It is important to lead a green lifestyle even when the house is built.


Future homeowners,

We are Green Space – a company with great ambitions to change the way of life for future generations. As experts in the construction of residential houses with 15 years of experience in the Northern European market, we can say that this house is a stable value for several generations.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality, creative and technology-based solutions. Everyone Green Space Products are manufactured in our factory, in a closed environment, which ensures complete quality control of products. The basis of any product is wooden and glass structures, which together form a natural source of energy and give your family a sense of home and harmony.

Homes that inspire families

Buying your first or new home is a serious and financially responsible decision. GreenSpace understands it, which is why they have created a home that supports families, rather than making them serve the house. With its sustainable, modern and low-resource concept, it allows families to focus on what really matters the most - peacefulness, love, well-being and time spent together.

How we work

Fast information exchange – one contact person for the whole project. We provide a full range of services, we do not have to look separately for time to meet with an architect, electrician, plumber, fitter, broker, etc.

Project term planning – when manufacturing houses in our factory, we always fulfill the order within the time limits specified in the contract. There are no unexpected delays, as in traditional construction
Fixed project execution costs – without unexpected price increases. Factory house production allows us to always comply with the contractual costs

Factory in Bajari

In the area of 5000 m2 of production and modern premises, we have created a highly optimized process of house production and assembly, thus modernising the residential sector. This concept of home production is why we can offer such a competitive price for a high-quality product. The production process allows you to maintain a consistently high quality of the product from the start of the project to the transfer of the key to the customer.

The forest is our energy source

The forest gives us wood, and sustainability is more than just natural materials, but also how we manufacture and build your future home. Our design solutions provide inspiration and reduce energy consumption. Everyone Green Space The products are zero-energy homes. Like the forest, we are constantly growing and striving to develop ever better solutions for the environment, quality and sustainable life.