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FAQ (Frequently - asked questions)

What does a standard package price include?

The price includes the foundation, full interior finish, heating and ventilation systems, house delivery and installation on your land estate.

How long does the production and assembly of the house take?

The average time to manufacture and assemble a house is eight months after signing the contract of purchase.

What part of the work is provided by the Company?

We offer our customers the manufacture, delivery and installation on the foundation of any type of Green Space houses.  

What is the service life of the house?

The service life of the construction materials is 150 years.

What is the warranty period for the materials used and the work performed?

The warranty period for the materials used and the work performed is five years after the signing of the delivery and acceptance certificate.

Whether alterations are possible in the house projects?

Houses are made only as typical projects, but individualization options are offered in certain positions 

Where it is possible to look at already completed projects?

We invite you to O1 demo house in Jaunsaurieši, by prior appointment.  

How construction is planned and a building permit is obtained from the construction board?

After the conclusion of the purchase contract we will provide you with the project data, which you will have to submit to the construction board. Although the harmonization process varies from municipality to municipality, as Green Space houses are industrially manufactured, the harmonization process for these houses is usually simpler than for a traditionally built house. It is most convenient to attract an architect who will help with the harmonization of the house at the construction board. We cooperate with architects and recommend them, if necessary.


Architect's price list.

*Amount is shown without VAT.

*Payment procedure: advance 50% of the amount after signing the contract, 50% of the remaining amount before submitting the project to the building board.

*Duration of coordination: 2-3 months from the moment of payment.

  • Architectural services and reconciliation of building opens
  • ŪKT external networks project
  • ELT external networks project
  • Topography
  • Geology 2-3 boreholes
  • Kompl. (Amount including VAT)
    € 8954.00*

*price does not apply to Jurmala region and Saliena